TeachKinds Teacher Appreciation International Contest

In an effort to bring respect and appreciation to hardworking educators who have served education and development for years, TeachKind’s annual recognition has taken a step forward. In this regard, Peta in the TeachKind category announces its annual recognition of the Teacher Appreciation Competition. The competition is aimed especially at all educators who render great service in the field of animal rights education. There is also the option to nominate someone else for the competition or you can nominate yourself if you are from the world of educators. It is really difficult to be a teacher who teaches the generations to come. Education is the weapon to shape life for better ends. Therefore, teachers are the main source for shaping a better world.

This contest is a way of expressing your gratitude to teachers who are helping to improve the way of education across the country. Due to the Covid 19 situations, there are many changes in the teaching-learning process. Instead of such situations, teachers do their best to enable the teaching and learning process. Through this competition, people will understand the importance of teachers and their efforts in their lives. Therefore, this competition returns a small nod of appreciation to teachers. In particular, there are multiple ways of teaching students to be compassionate about education. Some teachers are using innovative ways to support local animals through fundraising events.

Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest organization supporting animal rights and conservation. The organization has around 6.5 million members and supporters who work for animal rights and education. The organization not only deals with animal rights but also provides public education about animals and how to improvise their conditions. They oppose cruelty to animals and the destruction of their rights.

Brief Description

Get quick information with this table:

Organization PETA
Educational Level All
Subjects All
Amount $800
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards One
City Norfolk
Nationality International
Country United States
Application Deadline  May 21, 2021
Application Fee Nil
Requirements Teachers

Who may be Eligible?

Teachers working for animal rights and improvisation can apply for this competition. It is also possible to appoint another person who is an educator who works for animals as part of their teaching process. There are many ways to express your thoughts and share them outside of the compassionate care of animals.

How to apply?

Participants or nominees can apply through the online portal of the PETA website. To apply for the competition, you can complete the application form and answer the questions asked via the form. Based on the answers to these questions and the selection of entries with the most inspiring answers, the winners will be selected. If you are an animal lover or know someone who has worked for education and animal rights, this contest is for you and everyone you know who works for this reason.


This competition is simply meant to encourage teachers who are not meant to be superhuman but who can go the extra mile to help animal rights. This contest will showcase the tireless efforts of teachers who teach students to have compassion for animals. He will raise awareness of animal rights and compassion. Showing gratitude to those who are already working will create motivation for a better job.

Application Deadline

Applications will close on May 21, 2021. Therefore, those who are really interested in getting this award, request it before the expiration date.

Winners will receive $ 800 with a Get Me Started pack, a new box of cookies from food delivery company MamaSezz and an animal-free leather backpack from von Holzhausen, a variety of cruelty-free cleaning products from ZolaTerra, and a gift. basket for teachers. It can all be yours or someone you like through this contest.

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