Scienceselector Scholarship Giveaway

ScienceSelector is delighted to announce its $ 1,500 scholarship. ScienceSelector believes in giving back to society and therefore organizes this scholarship to improve lives and make a difference. They have decided to run this scholarship on an annual basis and therefore this year it is a scholarship program worth a remarkable number of awards. This scholarship is associated with trained and talented individuals linked to the mainstream of science. The scholarship is open to high school or college students seeking help for educational purposes. If you belong to this category, please feel free to apply for the scholarship and win the amazing prize, which can improve your life.

The scholarship will be a means of help for those who need support for their studies. The scholarship recipient will receive $ 1,500, which may provide a financial benefit for their studies. So if you are one of those students who are interested in education and research and want to contribute to the nation with their knowledge, this scholarship is for all of you. Another benefit associated with this scholarship is what the topic is about. The theme of the year for scholarship essay submission is how we can use scientific development as an important tool for society. If you can write an amazing essay on this topic, you might have a chance to win the scholarship.

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Brief Description

go through this table for more information :

Organization ScienceSelector
Educational Level High school, undergraduates, and graduates
Subjects All
Amount $1500
Access mode Online
Number of Awards One
City N/A
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Deadline July 30, 2021
Application Fee Nil
Requirements Essays

Who may be Eligible?

The scholarship is intended for high school or college students. However, those taking degree courses or online courses are not accepted for this scholarship.

How to apply?

Applicants can use the online portal for application and essay submission purposes with a brief description of the course and theme for the year 2021 as mentioned above. The essay should not exceed the 300-600 word limit. Participants should send the essays by e-mail with the subject line: “Grant application”.

Supporting Documents

The candidate should take the following into account when applying for the scholarship and submitting essays:

  • Write the name of your school/college/university and the course you are taking
  • Write your full name, phone number, and current address.
  • Submit all documents, such as student ID, as proof that you are a student.
  • Participants can submit an essay and an application via


This ScienceSelector raffle prize will be worth $ 1,500 to the winner. This amount can be used to support the student in his educational goals. It may be financially helpful to complete the training of the scholarship competition winner. The best trial with the app will get this benefit. This scholarship, in a way, will help people take more interest in scientific development and advancement. Scientific development is important to them, as is the full development of the nation and its people.

Application Deadline

The application and selection process begins on July 15, 2021. Therefore, interested applicants can put a reminder on their calendar so as not to miss the scholarship. The last date for submission of entries is July 30, 2021. Winners will be announced by July 30, 2021, based on the abstracts of entries and essays submitted. The winner will receive the check based on delivery.

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  1. I live in Uganda and have been at high school but the final results are not yet out but am looking for scholarship on civil engineering .My combination in high school was PEM/ICT


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