Jae S. Lim Math & Science Scholarships

Are you interested in the subject of Mathematics and Science and want to pursue a career in this field? Get Jae S. Lim Math & Science Scholarship Without Hesitation; The Jae S. Lim Math and Science Scholarship Opportunity offers two scholarships in Mathematics and Science for high school students interested in these subjects, with the aim of furthering their careers in the same field.

The Jae S. Lim Scholarship in Mathematics and Science aims to propel students towards Mathematics and Science and to pursue a career in the same field. They focus on supporting all of these students to achieve their goals. They believe that these subjects are mainly responsible for the development of the country and providing good assistance to students interested in these subjects will create a bright future for the country.

The Jae S. Lim Math and Science Opportunity upholds the belief that every student has the right to receive an education and achieve their goal. They take their program where they believe it is important to help and educate the student who shows interest in the related field. They wholeheartedly invite students to take advantage of this scholarship to enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

Brief Description

Register in the table below for a quick scholarship review;

Organization  Jae S. Lim Math & Science
Educational Level  High school
Subjects Maths and Science
Amount $1,500
Access Mode  Online
Number of Awards 2
City Multiple
Nationality Domestic
Country United States
Application Status   May 5, 2021
Application Fees Nil
Requirement     Application

Who May Be Eligible

Please follow the eligibility criteria listed below for the respected scholarship:

  • The scholar should consider pursuing a career in math or science after high school.
  • The student must have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.8.
  • The student must need financial assistance to pursue this career.

How to Apply

All applicants must submit a full application by the deadline, along with all required documents. Applicant should send the requested documents along with the application and essay by email to LargoHSJaeLimScholarship@gmail.com.

Supporting Documents

Submit some required documents to attach to the application:

  • Applicant must submit a full application.
  • The student must demonstrate the need for funding to pursue his goal.
  • The student must submit an essay of fewer than 500 words.
  1. With the title of the subject requesting the scholarship.
  2. Mention your desire to pursue a career in a math or science-related field (be as specific as possible).
  3. And how the money will help them achieve this goal.


The awarded scholarship will decrease the paid expenses of the students. The prize should only be used for expenses other than paying the freight for student expenses, such as tuition, fees, books, and other student expenses. These scholarships will encourage students to achieve their goals by overcoming all obstacles. They kept the application process very simple. A scholarship of $ 1,500 will be awarded to deserving students.

Application Deadline 

Submissions are accepted until May 5, 2021, so submit your request as soon as possible.

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