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How to Work in Canada as a Cook

Every job on the Canadian NOC List, is doled out with a code and the code for those hoping to relocate to Canada as a Cook is 6322. This is otherwise called the NOC Code for Cooks Immigrating to Canada.

As indicated by the NOC Classification Schedule, the code for Cooks moving to Canada states as Cooks, should get ready to cook a wide range of food varieties. They are being hired in cafés, hotels, clinics and other medical foundations. They are likewise hired in camps by different organizations.

In Canada, cooks are employed into so many categories of catering. Thus, to qualify under the code of Cooks, you can be hired or work as any of these work positions;

  • Assistant cook
  • Apprentice cook
  • Breakfast cook
  • Banquet cook
  • Broiler cook
  • Camp cook
  • Cafeteria cook
  • Construction Site cook
  • Caterer cook
  • Family Cook
  • Dietary cook
  • Grill cook
  • Hospital cook
  • Pastry cook
  • Pizza cook
  • Restaurant cook
  • Ship’s cook
  • Small foundation cook
  • Therapeutic diet cook


  • Prepare and cook dinners or individual dishes and food
  • Prepare and cook unique suppers for patients as trained by dietitian or gourmet specialist
  • Schedule and direct kitchen assistants
  • Oversee kitchen tasks
  • Keeps stock and records of food supplies
  • Set up and manage buffets
  • Cleans kitchen and workspace
  • Plan menus, decide size of food to be prepared and for who
  • Recruits and trains kitchen staff.


  1. Have not less than two years experience as a cook;
  2. Have scored no less than a 5 on the Canadian Language.
  3. Have a legitimate application for employment from a Canadian coy for not less than one year.
  4. Have passed secondary school and an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
  5. Have scored high on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).
  6. Have a zero criminal record.
  7. Have adequate financial capacity to assist yourself in Canada.
  8. Be healthy, which can be demonstrated through a clinical test.

Another program you can use when applying to Canada as a cook is the Express Entry British Columbia Skilled Worker program. This program is intended for NOC level B jobs. Candidates should have somewhere around two years of work experience and to qualify for this.

You should likewise ensure that you meet each of the essential necessities for one of the government migration programs and have sufficient funding to apply. In the event that you apply as a solitary candidate, you should have basically CAD$23,659 in your record.

In the event that you move with your accomplice, you will require essentially CAD$29,087 to show that you can sponsor yourself while you live in Canada. You will undoubtedly be approached to create a bank statement during your application to demonstrate this.


Passing a language assessment test very well will increase your chances of being successful you’re your application as a cook in Canada. There are two major language tests you can take. As an individual who speaks English fluently, you should go for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and as an individual who speaks French fluently, go for the TEF (Test d’evaluation).

These tests are utilized to gauge your capacity in speaking and pronunciation. Simply ensure that you select the General test choice for these tests, as the Academic choice won’t be acknowledged for migration purposes. Past language tests will be valid for two years.


It’s a good idea to pick an area or domain that has the most popularity for good cooks. A part of the areas with the most employment opportunities for cooks are:

English Columbia              4,195

Quebec                              1,384

Alberta                               815

Ontario                          552

Saskatchewan              118


An Educational Credential Assessment is used to show that your learning abilities are at same standard as Canada’s. If you are immigrating to Canada, you will be required to get an ECA Before proceeding with your application.

You can apply for this on websites like World Education Services (WES), which will give you the result of your completed assessment in 20 working days.


As a cook, you for the most part don’t have to stress over accreditation, which is compulsory in all regions and domains of Canada. But you can apply for something many refer to as the Red Seal Endorsement that permits qualified cooks to move and work between various regions in the country. This happens only when you effectively breeze through your interprovincial Red Seal assessment.


One thing that all visa programs require from immigrants is a Security Clearance Certificate. However, you can apply for this archive in your nearby town or city via the internet.

This certificate will regularly be referred to by the police headquarters, international security bodies or a police chief. The authentication is important in demonstrating that you don’t have any criminal record that would make you ejected out of the country.

Note that the absence of something as basic as this can badly affect your application. This certificate will typically be required after you get an Invitation to Apply on the off chance that you apply through the Express Entry framework.


Another document you will require during the application process is a clinical assessment report. This implies that you need to book a meeting with a Canadian affirmed specialist who has a place on the Canadian Board of Physicians, if not your report will be dismissed.

This is as important as your need to migrate to Canada but kindly note that the result of your clinical test will be valid for just one year.

You can track an enrolled specialist near you on the IRCC’s site, where their contact data, area and names are well recorded.


Still uncertain with regards to how to migrate to Canada as a cook? Look around you and search for any expert with proven results in Canadian migration. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations too. The experts will further help clarify the application process and every one of the steps you need to undergo for a successful application and migration to Canada. Their services are not cheap but very affordable and worth every try.

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