Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today | USD to Naira (NGN)

Are you curious about the current dollar-to-naira conversion rate? Are you hesitant to use a foreign currency when making purchases online or when considering a trip abroad?

Knowing the dollar to naira exchange rate is crucial, particularly when it comes to the Aboki FX dollar to naira rate. It is wise to be aware of the exchange rate if you are traveling abroad or conducting online transactions.

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about the USD to NGN exchange rate and the current exchange rate for dollar to naira, both the black market rate and the CBN rate. You convert your USD to naira at this rate or change your dollar to naira at the parallel market or the latest black market rate.

So read on to see the real mid-market exchange rate, and Aboki FX rate today. We compare the Dollar and the Naira Bank rate vs. the Aboki FX rate. This page is updated every hour and based on current market data.

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Dollar to Naira Today Exchange Rate

The Nigerian currency has depreciated over the past few years when compared to other major currencies. The currency exchange rate between the United States dollar and the Nigerian naira fluctuates constantly.

The rate has been trending downwards over the past few months. As the market ebbs and flows, it still remains relatively low when looking at the exchange rates for today’s date.

So how much is the dollar to naira exchange rate at the black market (parallel market) and the aboki fx? Below is the real exchange rate for the US dollar to naira today.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

We give you the real exchange rate in order for you to make huge savings on your international money transfers. The current US dollar to naira black market rate is tabulated below.

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate  680
Selling Rate  710

As of today, Naira trades NGN585 per $1 at parallel market as abokiFX clears forex information. Please note that the Central Bank of Nigeria does not recognize the black market (parallel market) and recommends individuals interested in Forex to contact their respective banks before carrying out their transactions.

Dollar to Naira CBN Exchange Rate

As of today, the exchange rate of dollar to naira black market is different from the CBN exchange rate and other commercial banks.

The CBN exchange rate is the rate at which you can sell or purchase dollars for Naira on the official portal of the Central Bank of Nigeria The black market exchange rate for dollars is always higher than the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) exchange rate.

Currency Sell / Buy Rate Change Date
USD ₦ 414.75 / 415.75 0.01% 26/07/2023

Dollar to Naira at FX Market Exchange Rate

Currency Rate Change Date
USD ₦ 415.1897 0.13% 26/07/2023

As we said before, the naira fluctuates in value against other currencies on a daily basis. So keep checking back regularly for the real exchange rate before carrying out your online transactions.

If there is any question you would like to ask us concerning today’s exchange rate, free free to use the contact us page and we will attain to you. Once again, keep checking back to confirm the current rate.

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