Benenati Law Firm Future Leaders Scholarship

Benenati Law Firm is now presenting the Benenati Law Firm Future Leaders Scholarship. This is the third time it has sponsored a scholarship and is available to high school and college seniors across the country. Students must attend or plan to attend an accredited four-year college or two-year accredited college in the fall of 2021. All applicants must be pursuing a degree in law, medicine, or business to be eligible for this scholarship. A special exception may be given to family members who have recently been in a difficult financial situation. A winner will be announced in July 2021 and will receive $ 2,000, sent directly to the university.

The scholarships offer many students across the country the opportunity to get an education. In general, without the help of an outside source, students may find it difficult to afford the degree they need to enter the workforce and become active members of society. So this is where scholarships come in handy and can help reduce the financial burden of being a full-time student. Due to rising tuition fees, some students drop out or drop out of studies because it is difficult for them to pay tuition and living costs. Therefore, various sponsors organize contests and scholarship competitions for the winning applicants to alleviate the financial pressure of many students.

The law firms of Walter F. Benenati, P.A. Credit Attorney, provide a balanced assessment for each client based on their understanding of the important role credit plays in an individual’s quality of life. Benenati Law Firm takes the time to educate and work with its clients, their financial situation to prevent clients from making financial mistakes again in the future. Also, any debt collectors or lawyers who have harassed people for debt collection will be referred to the law firms when the firm is hired with an initial advance. The law firm of Walter F. Benenati is Central Florida’s largest bankruptcy filer. Also, he is the second-largest bankruptcy filer in the state of Florida since 2011.

Brief Description

Refer to the below table for more details of the scholarship:

Organization Benenati Law Firm
Educational Level High school seniors and current college students
Subjects Legal, medical, or business-related
Amount $2,000
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards 1
City Orlando
Nationality American
Country United States
Application Deadline June 1, 2021
Application Fees N/A
Requirement Application form, transcript, essay, recommendation letters, and/or resumes

Who May Be Eligible?

  • Legal citizen or permanent resident of the US
  • At least 3.0 GPA out of 4.0
  • An applicant or immediate family member who has recently been in financial difficulty
  • Former high school and current university students across the country
  • Attend or plan to attend a 4 year accredited college/university or 2-year community college by fall 2021

How to Apply

Eligible applicants can access the website, complete the online application form, and attach the following documents to apply: an up-to-date transcript, an essay of at least 500 words explaining a person’s future education, plans career paths, and how life experiences have influenced your goals and letters of recommendation. And/or resumes justifying your request for consideration.

Supporting Documents

  • Completed online scholarship application form
  • A current transcript
  • An essay of at least 500 words explaining a person’s future education, career plans, and life experiences has influenced their goals.
  • Recommendation letters and/or resumes


A winner will be announced in July 2021 and will receive $ 2,000, sent directly to the university. This amount can be used for tuition fees and all relevant expenses.

Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted by June 1, 2021. Submission of the application on time is mandatory for everyone.

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